Medical Treatment after Your NYC Vacation Accident

Were you on vacation in New York City?  Were you involved in a pedestrian accident, or a car accident in Manhattan, or New York City?

Often, if you are injured you will take an ambulance to a hospital, and receive emergency care and treatment.  The hospital will discharge you with instructions to follow-up with a medical provider as soon as possible.

When you return to Florida it’s imperative to follow up with a medical provider and seek treatment for your injuries.

A lawyer licensed in Florida and New York can help navigate the problems created by living in and receiving your medical treatment in Florida, but where the accident occurred in New York.

In a prior case, Mr. Smith was in New York City for a work conference.  He was involved in a car accident and suffered serious injuries to his back.  He received treatment at the hospital, but then returned to Florida to continue with his medical treatment.

Since Mr. Smith was at work, Worker’s Compensation provided payment for the medical treatment.  However, since the Worker’s Compensation claim arose through the Florida employer, the Worker’s Compensation asserted a lien based on Florida law for a significant amount of the recovery.

Attorney Justin Linn was able to secure a sufficient positive value settlement for Mr. Smith so that we could resolve his Worker’s Compensation lien, and make sure he received sufficient compensation for his pain and suffering.