eBoard vs Car Accident

Riding an electric skateboard in New York City is very fun. The city has great sites, great food, and miles of pathways to shred.

But riding an electic skateboard in New York City is also dangerous. Riding the streets requires attention to cracks, potholes, bad drivers, bikers, and giant buses. Even the best riders have stories about reckless car drivers.

The worst case scenario is an accident with injuries. If you are involved in an accident on an electric skateboard with a motor vehicle there are some important things you need to remember.

First, call 911. Next, take pictures of everything. Make sure you get names of witnesses, and their contact information. Make sure that you seek medical treatment immediately.

Next, make sure you document your injury through proper medical treatment. The threshold to recover pain and suffering in New York is very high and it requires proper documentation of your injuries by doctors.

The police should document the incident through a police report that you can later request from the city. Make sure the police obtain the car insurance information from the at-fault driver

New York State requires that car drivers carry $50,000.00 in personal injury protection, or no-fault coverage. In New York, no-fault coverage also covers third-party pedestrians.

That means if you are riding your electric skateboard and you are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle the car driver’s insurance will pay for your medical treatment.

eSkating in NYC is beyond fun. It’s the best city in the world for the sport. But, it’s also dangerous. Wear your pads. Wear your goPro, and stay safe.