Car Accident While on Vacation in New York City

Were you injured while on vacation in New York City?  Do you live in Florida?  Did you go to the hospital in New York, only to return to Florida to continue your medical treatment?  Do you have bills from New York, and from Florida, going into collections?

You need a lawyer licensed in both Florida and New York.  LINN LAW, PA is a nationwide law firm licensed in Florida and New York.  Attorney Justin Linn has experience solving the complex problems inherent in these cases.

Why do you need a lawyer licensed in both Florida and New York?

First, since the accident occurred in New York, only a New York licensed attorney may legally represent you in the case.  Next, New York has very specific laws in car accident and injury cases.

For example, to recover for pain and suffering in New York, you must document a "Serious Injury."  Also, an accident involving a city entity requires notice within 90 days of the injury, and has a very short statute of limitations.

However, if you reside in Florida, and receive medical treatment in Florida, you have legal rights affected in Florida.  Therefore, you need a lawyer also licensed in Florida.

A Florida lawyer is necessary to resolve your liens with the medical providers and maximize your recovery.

Only a lawyer licensed in both Florida and New York may provide legal advice for an accident in New York, but where the injured party resides in and receives treatment in Florida.

Let's look at the following example from a prior case:

Ms. Smith was on vacation in New York City.  Ms. Smith was walking in a parking lot when she was violently struck by a large food truck.  Since Ms. Smith was a pedestrian, she received immediate Personal Injury Protection benefits from the at-fault driver, to provide up to $50,000.00 in medical treatment.

Ms. Smith returned to Florida, where she required multiple surgeries, and physical therapy to recover from her injuries.  The medical providers in Florida provided care and treatment through the at-fault driver's Personal Injury Protection Benefits.

We resolved the case through a positive value settlement that provided sizeable compensation for her pain and suffering.